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Created: 25 Sep 2012 | 4 comments

We need to switch our backup SAN from Pillar (SAN01) to EMC (SAN02).

I was wondering if we could de-assign a LUN from a SAN (just said SAN01) on media server (just said media01).

And then assign a new LUN from another SAN (just said SAN02) on the media server media01.

We do not remove the images of media01 from the old LUN from SAN01 on the master server.

Then we use the new LUN on the SAN02 for a week.

Then we need to restore something from the old LUN on SAN01.

Can we unassigned the LUN from SAN02 and re-assign the LUN from SAN01 on media01 and be able to restore it ?


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I think what you saying is you have want to remove a Lun from 1 System and Present a Lun from another and use that for a week?

As you mention media01 I am assuming you have Netbackup installed and not Puredisk, just using MSDP pool ?

If its on Windows, I'd present both Luns to the Windows Host. Then create a Mirror of the Luns. Break the Mirror leaving the SAN02 disk running. In a weeks time, Again create a Mirror and when done break it leaving SAN01 running.

The other solution which would require downtime, present both luns as different drive letters, shutdown netbackup, copy all the data between the drives, Change SAN02s lun to the drive letter SAN01 was using and then up Netbackup again. Netbackup shouldnt know the difference.


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thanks for the output, I will try that and let you know.


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If you run PureDisk on VxVM volumes (by default on only-PureDisk-servers running on PDOS) this can be done in the flight with no application downtime. You would just need to keep the filesystem size only growing (if changing at all). Add the new LUN to volume group (at least the same in size), and remove the old one.

Decreasing the file system requires PureDisk services restart and removing the 2 HDR files.

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Hi all,

Finally management decided to flush almost all the data and just transfer the last full backup to tapes.

After that we delete all the data, remove the storage pool and assign a new one, double the size,  from our other SAN !!

We were unable to mirror the disk because we cannot create LUN bigger than 16TB from the VNX.

We you assign the disks to windows, you need to initialize them in order to give them the size of 64TB. Then Windows don't want to mirror with them, becase they are initialize.

thanks all