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PureDisk, tape and backup strategy

Created: 15 Mar 2013 | 5 comments


Netbackup permit to realize the following backup strategy :

  • Weekly full backup done on tape
  • Incremental backup done on a dedup pool

I have several questions about this :

Does Netbackup can find modified files between full backup on tape and first incremental backup deduplicated ?

A Full backup deduplicated is not necessary ?

Thanks for your answers.



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S Williamson's picture


Netbackup does not write deduplicated images to tape. Deduplication is only kept on Disk.

Netbackup re-hydrates the images when it writes off to tape.

Depending on what your retention is, you may never need to write incrementals to tape at all.

I write FULL off to tape and just keep incremental on disk for between 30-90 days.

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Hello Simon,

I'm ok with you about Netbackup does not deduplicate data on tape.

When you realize your Full backup, you use a normal backup directly to tape, just your incremental are done to disk ?

Right ?


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Do you know of a document which details the process of vaulting from a puredisk appliance (5020)? 


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to have an answer to your question, open a new topic on the forum.


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All depends on your data classification and recovery time / options and data types. If dedup is good then send Full's and Incrementals to disk, then rehydrate (full's) to Tape if your offsiting.