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Purge Inv_Installed_File_Details Table

Created: 18 Oct 2013 | 2 comments
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I've a customer who wants to purge this dataclass more regularly than the classic purging maintenance because of large the number of files that would be inventory (on File Servers). (all 2 months)

Is it possible to purge this dataclass (File Details, in Software Management) directly in the SMP console (purging maintenance, but seems not to be applicable on this dataclass) ?

I suppose that the other way is to create a SQL Task that could clean the table Inv_Installed_File_Details. (I need help to create the query)

Thanks for your help.

SMP 7.5

Inventory Solution 7.5

Operating Systems:

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It is not possible, nor a good idea, to trim down the Installed_File_Details table.  If you are worried about File Details, you can determine if you even need to collect it.  It can be disabled in the Inventory Collection by unchecking the File Details option.  If this is an issue with Servers, perhaps these systems should not run inventory with this option.

Once the data is collected, it will remain in the File Details table until the system is deleted (hint).

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The table has quite a few associations and the data is used in multiple stored procedures, thus what roybok wrote stands true. Indeed, it may be best to either not collect file inventory or if you do need it, customize inventory (rules under policy, advanced) so that you only get what you actually need.