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Purged or Retired Assets report

Created: 29 Jun 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments
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To get a list of pc's which have been purged, we can run the folowing report and then select the hours, and then the field 'computers' after which we can filter out 'deleted' computers.

Its a bit long winded, so not sure if someone has already created a report which will allow us to run automatically once a month and simply show a list of pc's which were deleted or retired.

I've looked at doing this though Advanced Report builder, but its not clear which fields to choose.

Any help appreciated.

Regards Steve

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This would be easier except the values in the status table are expressed as GUIDs in these pre-configured reports, so unless you know where to get those values...

Clone the default report- Count of Assets by Status
Edit this report
Select the pencil icon next to Global Paremeter=Status
  change it to parameter type=Basic
  type in the value textbox:  492C463B-AFA2-4DD6-AE73-6FD2C7B0E489
  leave the prompt user box unchecked
select APPLY

This is the GUID for 'retired'.
Schedule the report to run once a month and that should do it.

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This is one I wrote for us.  It may not contain all the frields you want but the tables are there so you just have to edit the query some.

select vresourceitem.[Name], Manufacturer, Model, [Serial Number], vresourceitem.guid   
from vasset        
join vresourceitem        
on vresourceitem.guid = vasset._resourceguid    
where status = 'retired' or status = 'disposed'

Ryan Poag
Northrop Grumman
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