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purpose of AD importing

Created: 14 Feb 2008 • Updated: 24 May 2010 | 4 comments
This is probably a stupid question, but here it goes.  I've read up on the ability to import users and OUs from Active Directory into the SEPM console.  I was able to do the imports with no problems however my question is this:  What is the purpose?  The admin guide doesn't go into specifics of how this can be used so if someone could explain to me how they are using it and what the benefits are, that would be great.

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That link explains how to import an OU, which I have no issues with.
The link doesn't explain the point in doing this though?  Is there a way to deploy the packages by doing this, or is this more for organization after the packages have already been deployed?
I'd like to deploy endoint on OU at a time, and was hoping to use this feature to do so.
If this feature isn't inteded for that, is there another way to do this?

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If you import your Active Directory OUs, these would be your Groups.  So instead of setting them up manually, they match your OU structure.  A good thing if you have your OUs set up in a way that matches how you'd like to have policies applied to your SEP clients.
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Hi Roma,
Importing the AD to the SEPM is really depend in your requirment. If you're aware you can assign the policies you create in the SEPM to computers or even to user accoutns as well. So in that case no matter from whic computer user logs fom he'll be getting the policies been applied to him as long as SEP installed into that PC as well.
Apart from that major factor would be managing purpose. Asuming you've created teh OU's dpt wise or branch office wise then importing that to the SEPM will make a sense rather than building them from the ground level.