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Push Contact from Parent Incident to Child Incident

Created: 07 Feb 2013 | 3 comments


I am working to setup a rule or task to set the contact of a child incident to be the same as the parent incident without having to manually set that field. I feel like it should be a fairly easy Advanced Data Assignment, but for some reason it will not resolve.

This is what we have so far:

HDQUERY[[select top 1 worker_contact_id from worker_view where worker_id = ParentItem(workitem_contact_id)]]

Any help would be greatly appreciated! We are using Altiris 6.5.



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Hi Yanic,

A little confused here. The field for the CONTACT is not the Worker_contact_ID. That is for the Worker who is working on the ticket. Also for  the contact the View you should be using is Workitem_current_View

You don't really need to use a query, you should be able to use the advanced Data Assignement. In the fleld you want to set enter Contact_ID and instead of a query, just enter PARENTITEM(Contact_ID)

That should return the Contact ID number of the parent ticket.


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We have a Task in our environment that it always available and when you click it, it starts a new Incident and copies several fields, including Contact, into a new Child incident.  Is this what you are looking for or do you want it to copy the contact information after the incident is created?

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I assume you are setting up an automation rule to create a child ticket from an incident. In that case, the assignment of the contact is done using an advanced assignment:

Set: workitem_contact_id

From: WORKITEM(workitem_contact_id)

Type: Text

The child ticket has not been created yet, so WORKITEM(workitem_contact_id) resolves to the id of the contact on the parent incident. This is then passed to the webservice with creates the child ticket as its workitem_contact_id.