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Push Deployment Wizard -> Target OS version

Created: 21 Nov 2012 • Updated: 22 Nov 2012 | 9 comments
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I want to use the "Push Deployment Wizard" tool to install the SEP Client on multiple machines. I've exported all the machines I want to include in the deployment out of SEPM and I now have a Spreadsheet with the computer name, IP info and even the CPU type (essentially all info you get when checking the properties of a client). I also have a column with the OS info (Windows XP or 7) but it does not mention if it is the 32 or 64 bit version of the OS and that's what I need to be able to push the correct client (32 or 64 bit) to the client machine.

Anyone knows how I can obtain this info from SEPM (spreadsheet)?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Check the Computer Status report

Monitors >> Logs

Set Log type to Computer Status and click View Log

Also, if you're running SEPM 12.1, the Wizard will automatically detect the OS architecture and push the correct client to it.

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Hello Brian,

Thanks fro your comment but this will not display the OS Architecture ( 32 or 64bit)

Best Regards,


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What version of the SEPM are you running?  In 12.1, the push deployment wizard is able to determine client processor architecture and push the appropriate client out...


Also, as far as the Push Deployment Wizard goes, all it needs is an IP address per line:

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I'm using SEP 12.1 RU1 MP1. I have exported an installation package (single setup.exe file) and when selecting the "Deploy self-installing executable" option in the Push Deployment Wizard (PDW) I can only specify one executable package, so either the 32bit or 64bit version I've exported. So I don't see how PDW will be able to push the correct package based on OS Architecture.

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The option is only available if also generating the package at the time of running the Push Deployment Wizard.  Have a look at the screenies to see what I mean (started from the "Common Tasks" in the HOME section of the SEPM Console)

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Thanks for your quick reply!

When doing it this way I have to select the computers I want to deploy the package on the network. I want to be able to import a list of computers (possible in PDW).

I can also create installation packages but then again: I cannot select two packages in PDW.

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If you keep clicking through you will get to the section whereby you can import a list of machines you want to deploy to.  See screenie wink, just click ont he "Search Network" tab then the "Find Computers" button

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Aha! Excellent!

Is this Client Deployment Wizard identical to the PDW? Except for the fact that you can use another machine than the SEPM Server when using PDW as deployment platform?


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Pretty much yup!  Also, as this version is accessible via the SEPM Console (both Java and Web-based), you should be able to access it from any machine that has network access to the SEPM itself.