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Put Incidents in a Queue after edit.

Created: 07 May 2014 | 4 comments

Hi there

I need to build a worflow for use it in ruleset "Set Incident to Workflow" wich his purpose have to be:

1- Clear the existing assigned queue

2- Assign the queue using the rulesset defined on event "OnIncidentEdited"

Right now the rule set assign partially the ticket but the current assignment leaves in blank.


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Justin Dybedahl's picture

Are you looking to put them in a specific queue after they are edited?  If so, can't you use the Route Incident action?

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Only i have the "Route Incoming Incident" and it doesn´t work.

When i edited a incident, check "Remove Current Assignments" and reclasify it, the assignment is not set

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What are you trying to route the incident to? Are trying to route the incident based on a condition or are you trying to route it to a statically set queue? I'm using the route incident rules action in SP1 without issue on a couple of my rules. I'm assuming you're going down the workflow path because the route incident action is not working? If so, would you mind posting a screenshot of how you have your rule setup?

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I just installed and configured  SEPM v12.1. I also defined three users' account as admin to manage SEPM. When any of my admin user login with their personal  account they don't see any of the changes I made, they  only see the changes  I made if they login with my account. What do I need to do so they can make changes with their own account and all the admin users can see it.