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putting tow backup job into the same Tape

Created: 30 Sep 2013 • Updated: 02 Oct 2013 | 14 comments
Moez Mansouri's picture
This issue has been solved. See solution.

hi ,
i have a serious problem in my backup media set and i have to know how to solve it;
i have  tow bakup job and they are assigned to my tape library 

Backup_Sql with media Set of 1 week OPP (overwrite protection period) and infinite AP (append period) ==> tape1

Backup_Oracle with mediaSet of 1 week OPP (overwrite protection period) and infinite AP (append period) ==>tape1

i have assigned the tape 1 to a scratch media (manually),and the first backup Backup_Sql work with fine (and the tape 1 change properties from
scratch to 1 week OPP ) but the second fail with this error

Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command.

Overwritable media includes scratch, blank, and recyclable media. Please note that depending on the current Media Overwrite Protection setting, imported and allocated media may be overwritable as well. Consult the online help for more information on overwritable media.

i have to say that my tape has 1.5 Tb and the backup data of the tow set is about 10 Gb?

really i m confiused  because there is a very large free space and the AP is put on  infinite and the second job shows this error ????

please help 

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Jaydeep S's picture

What is the job configuration? Is it set to Append to Media or Overwrite? When did both the jobs run?

Moez Mansouri's picture

thanks to response 

 yes it is set to append , and it is  a duplication job ,my tow job run every day at 18:00( sql) and 20:00 (oracle)

Jaydeep S's picture

So if I understand you correctly, are you wanting to put the duplication job on the same tape as the main job? This is not possible as it totally defies the purpose of duplication.

Moez Mansouri's picture

No sir ,

i have for every job i have created a backup2disk then i duplicate to tape  (another stage)

backup sql ==>disk (1 week OPP + inifinite AP)==>duplication2 tape(1week opp+infinite App) TAPE1 

backup oracle==>disk (1 week OPP + inifinite AP)==>duplication2 tape(1week opp+infinite App) TAPE1

Jaydeep S's picture

Sorry I missunderstood. So I am now assuming both the duplicate jobs are using same media set. Make sure that duplicate 1 and duplicate 2 start times are not overlapping. What I mean is Schedule your 2nd duplicate job in such a way that that the first duplication has completed.


See point 4 in this blog written by the Trusted advisor pkh

Moez Mansouri's picture

but in my case there are totally separte ( with about an hour )  and also i have one tape drive 
so an overlap is impossible .
but this point is very starnge :

2) The job will only append to the first tape.
A job can only append to the first tape that it writes to.  When that tape is full, it will require an overwriteable tape.  It cannot append to the second or subsequent tapes.  This is by design and there is no way to change this behaviour.
in this case only one backup job can append to tape 1  and the other backup will show the tape as not overwritable unless i associate it to scrath ? 
Jaydeep S's picture

Point 2 is not applicable in your situation as it is only in situation where Backup job needs to span tapes. In your situation, the Tape capacity is about 1.5TB and the job size is 10 GB.

Gunni75's picture

have you a Tape-Autoloader or Tape-Libary or a single Tape-Drive ??

Moez Mansouri's picture

i have a tape -autoloader with one drive.

Gunni75's picture

have you ever thought about Configuring Tape-Partitions ?

Moez Mansouri's picture

yes ,i have already 7 tape partitions but there used by other jobs( evrey tape has one job configured) only tape 1 that  i used for duplicating the SQL and the Oracle database.smiley

Donald Eady's picture

Here is a great document for your review..

I hope this posting was helpful


pkh's picture

but in my case there are totally separte ( with about an hour )  and also i have one tape drive 

so an overlap is impossible .

No.  This is not true.  By overlap,  I mean that the first job is running when the second job starts.  Make sure that your first job finishes before you start the second job. Otherwise, your second job may go into overwrite mode and thus will be unable to append to the tape.