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PXE Boot failure

Created: 17 Apr 2013 | 2 comments

   I am testing Windows 7 OSD to a Windows XP machine. I ran the job which i created and  the client machine (Windows XP machine) is rebooting and going for network boot. It sucessfully gets IP from my DHCP server but all in a sudden it exits PXE boot stating the below comment

PXE-MOF : Exiting Intel Boot Agent 

Can anyone help me to fix this issue please...!!

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assuming you are using 7.x this could be working as designed. if the client is know to NS and there is not job for the client then you will see this.

in the past the PXE menu could be displayed by pressing F8, this is coming back to DS 7.5

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PXE-MOF: Exiting Intel Boot Agent is another way of saying "I don't have any reason to boot to automation, so I'm exiting PXE and booting to the next device"

This happens in DS 6.x and 7.x.

This is the message returned when the PXE server looks at the comptuer, says "Hey!  I know you!  According to the console, you're supposed to boot into production, so get out of PXE and get going!"  It's literally doing what we tell it to do.  It is NOT an error.

However, if you WANT it to boot to PXE, and it's not, well, that's a bit problematic, right?

How to work around it?  Well, you can 1) delete it from the console so it acts like an unknown computer (bad idea), or 2) restart the Netboot_Server service on the site server/pxe server so that it doesn't "remember" that you should be booting to production (in 7.1 only - awkward, but functional) or better yet, 3) send a "boot to automation" task to it, so it knows it's supposed to go into WinPE.

Have fun!

Thomas Baird
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