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PXE-E53 error...What does it mean?

Created: 08 Oct 2008 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 3 comments

Good Morniong All,

Can you please post your ideas on why I am getting this error when tryiong to image a computer at one of our remote locations.

Thank you in advance,

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Pulled from Marc over at
PXE-E53 error in Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2 with Initial Deploy disabled

In Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2, if Initial Deployment is disabled, the PXE client will display the error "PXE-E53 No boot filename received".


Prior to Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2, a PXE Client who is not in the Deployment Server's database would get the default PXE boot menu, using the default countdown before booting to the next device. The PXE Server in Deployment Solution 6.8 SP2 is not acting this way; instead, it does not respond to PXE Client requests if the computer is not already in the database when Initial Deploy is disabled.



To obtain the same reaction of a pre-6.8 SP2 PXE Server, enable Initial Deploy, set the Initial Deploy Boot Option to (None), and the timeout to the desired value.

To do this:

1. Open the Deployment Console.
2. From the Deployment Console open the PXE Configuration Utility (Tools > PXE Configuration).
3. In the PXE Configuration Utility, change to the DS tab.
4. On the DS tab, uncheck Disable Initial Deploy.
5. Change the radio button to the desired timeout option.

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Also, the PXE-E53 could be a firewall change in your side. So check the firewall.


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Turns out that there was no ip helper configured on the offending VLan

Thanks all