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Created: 20 Jun 2014 | 4 comments

I am not new to Altiris but new to the admin side. I have 7.5. I have booted up to pxe and started some tasks, but i'm kind of lost. Most of our user machines boot to pxe, so what i want to do is:

1. boot to pxe

2. if f8 is not hit like in 6.9 the machine passes pxe then boots to windows

3. have two options in pxe ghost and rdeploy. I know rdeploy is going away in service pack 1 but need for a few days at least because of older images.

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To have two options for ghost and rdeploy, you would need to setup two seperate jobs each of them using Ghost or Rdeploy.  You can adjust settings in the console (Settings -> Initial Deployment Settings) to display the jobs on the deployment menu showing each of these jobs.

You must remember the difference in 6.9 and 7.5 that computers that have been recognized in the console will be recognized as "known" computers and will be displayed a different menu.  If you setup the menu Managed (known) computers and Unmanaged (unknown) computers to be the same, the tech experience should be the same.

In our environment, we setup known and unknown computers to wait 10 seconds and if no f8 key is hit, it will boot to production just like 6.9 did.

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so it's create the job to start ghost? I know how to create a job to create an image but i like ghost to come up without having to create a job for everytime i want to use it. How would i run ghost in a job to bring up the ghost menu instead of the job where it auto starts?

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Are you using ghost to capture?  Or to deploy?  Or both?

We use Ghost to capture and deploy.  I have a capture job which syspreps the machine which gets renamed everytime if I want to pull a new image. 

I then setup a Deploy Image job which will also use ghost to deploy.  This is the only job that you can have the menu kick off the jobs and auto start the deploy job.

I am not aware of a method that you can setup to capture and setup the job within PXE.

comebackshane's picture in 6.9 you can select rdeploy or ghost and create your image from there or lay them down. didn't know if there was a way to do it that way from the new one.