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PXE - some clients work, some don't... "No boot file name received"

Created: 22 Jan 2013 | 5 comments

Hi All,

Here's the scenario:

DS 7.1 SP1 (working OK, had to restart services every few days)

Upgraded to SP2 MP1

PXE Booting stopped working. Cause: SBSserver.exe missing

I've now been sent a copy of SBSserver.exe from another server (of the same version)

PXE booting works intermittently. Some machines receive the boot menu almost immediately, others never receive a boot file with the error "No boot file name received" error 53

There doesn't seem to be a pattern to this, Unknown and Known PCs are performing in the same way, I've also tried different models of PCs./
All PCs are on the same Cisco switch with IP helpers, Spanning tree with PortFast enabled.

I have tried a repair install, and also recreated the boot environment, tried cleaning out the files in SBSStore folder...

I'm running out of ideas...  Before I completely uninstall the deployment solution and re-install, does anyone have any further ideas?

I'm pretty certain the switch config is OK as the old DS 6.9 server PXE booted fine when it was in use (6 months ago)

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You could try to implement PXE Force Mode to see if that helps


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Have you checked that all subnets are assigned to sites, and that each site has a deployment server?  You'll want to be sure that you check the IP of the problem clients, find their subnets, make sure those subnets are assigned to sites, ensure the sites have site servers, and ensure that those site servers are functional deployment servers with running PXE/SBS services.

Does this help?

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

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Thanks for the comments guys, Site subnets is an interesting one, I'd not thought of that.

The sites & subnets were manually assigned, so I've deleted everything and now Synced with AD which has pulled all the sites & subnets through and auto assigned everything.

I've rebooted all the site servers and main server and I'll see what happens!

PXE forced mode is something I've considered, but thought that in the past IP helpers have worked so stuck with that method - but maybe that's not the best setup.

Thanks for your help on this, it's really annoying us!

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Something to try will be to lower the MTU packet size from 1456 to 768. it seems the tftp server is too busy.

this is set on the PXE Settings page.

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"Error : PXE-E53 No boot filename received"

Issue: : Client not able to connect to PXE Server, probably not got IP address. If it has got IP than the PXE image does not exist to download it from PXE Server.

Solution : Probably the PXE image not yet created at NS\SiteServers. Check location - \\localhost\Deployment\Task Handler\SBS\Images\if the PXE image exists.

You will have to check PXE Server exists in the subnet the client is trying to boot.