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Q: Purge A3 Queue for Reporting?

Created: 27 Mar 2007 • Updated: 23 Nov 2012 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.
I've been charged with maintaining an existing EV environment - EV 5SP6.  We commenced archiving 4 Exchange servers (for the first time) at the beginning of the year and it is still getting through the initial phase of archiving all mail pre-2006.
I have been using "Run Now" for the archive services each time after the queues finish processing (because of 3000 max limit and to monitor better).  In fact today I have just inititated another "run".  However management now wants to know how much pre-2006 mail we have left to archive....!
I understand that I can run the archive services in report mode (A3 queue) to get the necessary info.  However  there are already messages in A3 (because of "Run Now" archiving) for processing.
Can I still run the reports and get it in a timely fashion or can I manually purge the A3 queue and then run the reports?  What's the best way to get a report on how much mail still needs to be archived?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  Tia!
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I would recommend letting it finish if you can and just run your report later.
How many items are in the q?
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There are 1545 items (1545 mailboxes to process) in the A3 queue for this Exchange server - it takes over a week or more to process this many - what with backups halting archiving overnight and also intermittent crashing (but that's another story - "insufficient resources" error in app log).
I am thinking that purging the A3 queue is OK as this is simply the queue of all mailboxes on an Exchange server waiting to be processed for archiving....  Unfortunately management want a report asap.
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3 weeks to process?  What criteria do you use to archive?
I guess that is a different issue.
I normally don't recommend it, but you can purge this queue, just be sure to stop the services first and NOT to purge anything from a1, a2, or a4.
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Thanks.  I just needed a sanity check.
Trying to archive all pre-2006 mail which seems to be quite a bit - starting from scratch.
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I see, might be better to just do 1000 per pass, that way it would take a 1000 from each mailbox and finish up quicker for you in case you needed access to it like in this case.  Just a suggession. :)
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If you're getting insufficient resources, 'error whilst sending message'.  Check the tech note database as there are articles on Microsoft registry keys to change it's memory management.
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Thanks, yeah I have carried out the steps in:
and (even tho this article is not entirely relevant to what is happening)
I just finished re-installing Outlook 2003 and ESM w/ SP2 on the EV server.
This is the error I still get:
Event Type: Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Archive Service
Event ID: 6197
Date:  28/03/2007
Time:  11:44:27
User:  N/A
Computer: <Name changed to protect the innocent>
Error occurred when sending a message
There are insufficient resources to perform this operation.  [0xc00e0027]
Most likely I'm gonna need to raise a support call...