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Quantum Autoloader und BE2010 Quickstart

Created: 02 Dec 2010 • Updated: 16 Aug 2013 | 11 comments
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Hallo Forum,

ich habe vor für unser Büro eine Backuplösung in Form eines Quantum Autoloaders mit 8 slots inkl. der Backup Exec 2010 Quickstart Edition zuzulegen. Leider finde ich über die Backupstrategien, welche mit der Hard/Software kombination möglich sicnd keine Infos im Netz.

Vielleicht aber hier ?

Ich möchte Von Mo-Sa jeweils eine Tagessicherung auf jeweils 1 Band durchführen. Sonntags dann eine Wochensicherung auf 1-2 Bänder und diese dann am Montag auslagern. Montag wird dann wieder das Band von voriger Woche überschrieben, usw...

Sinnvoll? Mit der HW/SW durchführbar ?

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Hi there,

If I read (or Google Translate worked correctly!) correctly, you want the following:

1. Backups to run Monday to Saturday, each to its own tape.

2. Weekly on Sunday.


If so, you will need the following:

1. Parition your autoloader with slots 1 --> 7 acting as a target for your Monday --> Saturday jobs, and slot 8 as a target for your Sunday job.

2. Best thing to do is create a policy, with all the settings you need (time, days to run, what to back up etc), and target these partitions.

3. Set your append/overwrite periods to: Append: 1 day; Overwrite 6 days

Let me know if there is anything else you need.


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You don't have to partition your library.  You can just have two media sets one for your daily job and another for your weekly (Sunday) job

Do note the the Quickstart Edition has limited functionality so you got to know its limitation before committing to it.  It is meant for fairly simple backups and restores, no fancy stuff.

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thanks for your help that sounds good to me.


i know that the symantec Quickstart is limited, but saving to a daily and to a weekly job does not sound fancy to me.

But for sure, i need to know if it is possibly or not. Saving an entire sbs 2003 server each day should be a simple backup.

will it work ??

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Your SBS server will have things like Exchange, SQL Databases, etc.  These would require agents to back them up properly.  These agents are not part of Quickstart and I am not sure if you can just buy the agent licences for the Quickstart edition.  You would have to check this with Symantec Licensing.

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OK, i understand.

with Symantec Backup Exec 2010 Small Business Server i would have a tool for backing up the whole server (Data, system, exchange). is that right?

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It should, yes.

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Hi there,

Have you come right here?

If so, can you close it off by marking the relevant post as the solution please?


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Hi CraigV,

meanwhile we are having the Quantum Superloader and Backup Exec 2010.

Trying to configure it right now. Having some problems with the ejection of tapes. We want the 8th tape to be ejected automatically to take it out of the office. This isnt working so far.

Ideas ?


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If it is a library/autoloader, you need to configure a mailslot.

You'd move the media to this before ejecting it as far as I know...

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So in your case issue is you are not able to eject the tape & does that work manually

Thank You

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Thank You.

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Like Craig said, you need to configure one of your slots as a mail or I/O slot.  This means that you would only have 7 usable slot left. (You cannot use the mailslot for your backups.).  After this, you would need to set up a policy with 1 template for your backup job and another template to export the tape to the mailslot.  You would then just open the mailslot to remove the the exported tape.

Alternatively, open the tape magazine to remove the tape.