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Quarantined Mail Archiving issue

Created: 06 Feb 2008 • Updated: 02 Mar 2009

Hello everybody,
We run Symantec Mail Security v8300.
It was originally configured to archive all spam e-mails in a dedicated service account mailbox.  The mailbox grew so large, that we couldn't even open and clean it.  We end up deleting the account and the associated mailbox. Also, in the symantec security console we removed this e-mail address  from the archiving page hoping it will stop the archiving process.  Unfortunately, something withing Symantec Mail Security program is still sending spam e-mails to out Exchange server.  And since the e-mail address we used before doesn't exist anymore, the mail stays in the Exchange transaction logs, and they now grow rapidly. 
How can we stop spam archiving alltogether?  I can't find the option.  Thank you very much,

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