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Queries for same product versions across multiple targets

Created: 09 Aug 2012 | 2 comments

Let's say I want to find out what version of adobe flash player I have for 20 target computers and print this out in one report. I have one of three different versions installed on each of the 20 PCs. Is there an easy way to accomplish that in Symantec Ghost without having to concatenate information from several reports? I would think there would be, but have not been successful at finding out how.



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Hello Tony,

This can be achieved via inventory using custom WMI filter for the perticular product(Adobe in your case). You can simply write the queries for product name and version with AND / OR orguments. Once you successfully create it, assign it to target where you can create the group having respective targeted machines. Please let me know if it works.


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Filters are giving me that option. I can only create queries such as "show me computers with this particuler adobe flash AND this particular version installed on it".

I have never been able to create a task that shows me a list of target PCs and what the current version of adobe flash they have installed unless the query is set to show ALL of a target PC's installed products (which I do not want). Ghost isn't giving me that much flexibility. trying to go into WMI and set it up has been a royal pain, too.

If there is a way, somehow I'm missing it. Thanks for what help you've given me.