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Created: 11 Jan 2013 • Updated: 09 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
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Hello All,

Here is my query...

I am restoring one .xls file from the full backup...when selected in BAR menu it shows 4 medias reqd for restore.

But I want know the way to find exact/single media ID where that file has been that I can mount that specific

media in library and restore instead of 4 medias.

I have tried "bplist"..but it doesnt has the entry of media id against specified file.

I think "bpflist" is also not helpful...

Can u give some idea?


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Yasuhisa Ishikawa's picture

If the backup image is spreading across 4 media, these 4 media is needed as shown. You can not restore with only one tape in this case.

*** EDIT ***

I agree with Nagalla. Media in which requested files reside are acutually mounted while reastore. If we can determine which media is required as you want, restore can be accomplished with these media only.

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when you check form BAR window it will list all the media IDs related to that images, and yes but when you tirgger the restore it may not pick all..

simple way to identiry is, just start the restore and look in to the detail status of the job.

it will list the media IDs, which are specifically require for the restore, if it requires only one it will show only one Media id.

if tht restore job detail status show all media IDs, you need all medias to compleate the restore.

so look in the Detail status of restore job and see what is the media its asking.. 

if that media is not avaliable or mounted, you can suspend the restore job, and mount the media and then resume the restore job

its very simple approch I can say... 

hope this helps.

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from command window

$INSTALL_DIR\NetBackup\bin\admincmd\bpimagelist -help

syntax will be something like

bpimagelist -media -client $CLIENT -d mm/dd/yyyy -e mm/dd/yyyy

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I haven't used that "preview media' for a while, probbaly after Netbackup 6.0 was released. As in previous release, I always had the same doubt as you do. Why a small file would indicate that it used up 4 media tapes?

So I don't really look into that "preview media" anymore.

However, I guess that depends on how you select it in your BAR GUI, remember you can select a wide range of full backup + incr backups , or simply just a full backup, and that would probably explain why sometimes it will find more media instead of just one or less. 

What I would do now is, find the image (BackupID) of your backup file and run the "bpimagelist -media -backupid..." for that image then you will get more accurate result.

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Sounds surprise to me.. "One .xls file has spanned 4 MEDIAS "

Are you sure of it's Excel file which has spanned?

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This is perfectly normal if file was part of large filesystem backup that spanned 4 media's.

Only when restore is started, will NBU determine which fragment number and then ask for that specific tape mount (as per Nagalla's post).

Also seems as if G.S has lost interest - no way that he is still battling to restore that one file. (Post is almost one month old.)

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Thanks Maria and Nagalla...By the way I was not able to find any cmd for listing the MEDIA againt particular file (single file) considering multiplxing is not enabaled.

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There is no Command to Check the media used by a Single file or folder.

It will always display the media's used by backup image in which the required file or folder is present.

Amarnath Sathishkumar

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