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Query about multiple NetBackup Server deployment and licensing

Created: 03 Jul 2012 • Updated: 03 Jul 2012 | 2 comments
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My current environment, which consist of multiple network segment, utilize one NetBackup Master server (residing in say network segment A) to perform the the required backups daily and weekly.

The existing design was reviewed and the current direction is to deploy a secondary NetBackup Master server in a different network segment (lets call it segment B). The rationale of using a different segment is to ensure that in the event of a segment being unavaialble, backup and recovery can still be achieved. The idea of this approach is as follow:-

  1. Primary Netbackup Master in segment A is up and running to perform the backups/recovery. Secondary NetBackup Master in segment B is downed i.e. not running.
  2. In the event that NetBackup Master in segment A is downed due to hardware failure/ maintainance etc. or segment A connectivity loss, the Secondary Master in segment B will be brought up to 'take over'.
  3. Once NetBackup Master segment A is recovered and started, the NetBackup Master in segment B will be brought down

In summary, only one NetBackup Master will be active at any given time.

My question is:-

  • Am I able to re-use the license in NetBackup Master in segment A into the NetBackup Master in segment B?

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Have a look at Symantec's License Agreement:

Best to discuss with your Symantec reseller. The question will be if the 'standby' server can be classified as disaster recovery standby. See the following under License Grant:

You may use and install for disaster-recovery purposes (i.e. where the primary installation of the Licensed Software becomes unavailable for use).

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Thanks for the reply.

The link is definitely helpful. I will have to follow-up internally to confirm the License Agreement when we purchased the NetBackup to see if additional license is required.