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Query on Licence validation?

Created: 09 Jan 2013 • Updated: 15 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi Experts ,

Recently we have exhange backup server addition.

when I tried to add it was failed.

I dnt fine the exchange licence listed in master server-help-licence keys.

From Master I dnt find any exchange licence..

1)cd/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd$ sudo ./bpminlicense -list_keys -verbose

From Media Server: I found below licences related to exchange

 Feature ID      = 83 PureDisk MS Exchange Agent -

Feature ID      = 32 MS Exchange extension -

2)on media server under registered keys


Feature:        MS SQL Server extension (Not Active)
Feature:        MS Exchange extension (Not Active)

Does this mean that exchange licence is purchased on the box?Please correct me if im wrong?

If i get the licence key can i directly add it and make them active?

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Depending on your version of NBU the license is classed as a DataBase pack now.

it should show up as MS Exchange Agent and should be registered on the Master Server - no need on the Media Server

If you have your licenses registered on the licensing portal then check on there for it or ask you Symantec supplier / reseller to request an IBR Report from Symantec - this is an install base report and shows all valid license keys own by your company

You will need to ask you supplier in writing (an e-mail is fine) to get this report so that they can forward it to Symantec - this is the best way to be sure of exactly what you own and which are still in maintenance

Hope this helps

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when I tried to add it was failed.

what was the error when you try to add the server?

how you are tyring to add it?

could you expline?