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Query re Ghost v15 from Sisyphus

Created: 22 Jan 2013 | 1 comment

I'm groping around in the dark, struggling to find the relevant answers on Symantec's online resources. 

I operate from a PC (XP Pro).  Recently the hard drive failed beyond repair.  Almost all data was recovered from backups.  However, to bettter prepare for a rucurrence of that disaster I've just purchased Ghost v15 (am afraid I couldn't find it in the product list - Ghost Solution Suite is the closest I can find).  Can you tell me if this product can be used to restore all data including OS & programs to a new hard drive in the event of any future failure of my hard drive? In other words, if I copy my entire drive (OS, all programs & data) can that be transferred to a new hard drive or would I need to install an OS on the new HD first? 

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First of all, if you look in the sticky postings at the top of this forum, you will find a link to the NORTON community where the retail Ghost product is supported.

It should be possible to restore your working environment to a blank hard disk, but due to the vagaries of hardware and system design, it would be prudent to make a backup and then restore to another drive to check that it does work in its standard configuration.

Personally, I use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite - very low cost yet it is bang up to date with SSD support, and I used it successfully to migrate my 128Gb system SSD to a 256Gb blank SSD.

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