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Question about backup (BE 2012)

Created: 28 Jan 2014 | 1 comment


If 3 Set backup schedule here, also 3 tapes in tape drive.

For the actual operation, is Set 1 differential backup reference for Set 1 full backup up ?? Set 2 diff. reference for Set 2 full ??

Is possible to make Set 2 diff. backup reference from Set 1 Full backup ??

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Colin Weaver's picture

If those 3 backup job definitions actually backup the same data then I would not recommend what you are doing as the daily backup in your different 'sets' might end up related to the last full to run and not the full in the same 'set'

If tehy do backup teh same data it would probably bve useful for you to explain what you are trying to achieve, as you might need to look a Duplicate jobs instead of creating a conflciting sequeunce involving differentials (or incrementals) in different job definitions for the same data.

Oh and whilst we probably don't make statements like this, as I have never heard of anyone else doing it. I would not use the word 'set' in the name of your backup job definition. We already have enough confusion where the term "Backup Set" can mean both an individual resource that can be backed up or a complete set of resources backed up by one job. Your use of 'set' in your naming convention would potentially add another level of confusion (especially when posting on forums or working with tech support)