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Question About EV Reports

Created: 06 Mar 2009 • Updated: 18 Nov 2012 | 9 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

While generating EV report i observed the difference in "No of items ready to archive" and "No of messages that would be archived". From few forums i understood that can be corrected by changing some parameter under offline vault. However in our environment we dont use Offline Vault.

Any suggestions to reduce the difference between these two values ???


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Hey ya,

This questions come up every once in awhile.  Let me try to explain.  :)

Number of items ready to archive

Number of items that are actually ready for archiving on this specific run meaning they qualify for archiving based on your mailbox policy.

Number of messages that would be archived

Number of items that the Archiving Task will process from the user's mailbox on this run.

This can differ from the number of items ready to archive as it is possible to restrict the number of items that are processed from the mailbox during a single run. Depending what version you are on it is either 200 or 1000 but can be adjusted in the Admin console.

So, for example you have a mailbox with 2,500 old emails in it but the number of messages per pass is set to 1000.  If I do a run now in Report Mode I would have 2,500 items Ready to archive, but only 1000 for Number of messages that would be archived.

Make sense?

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I Totally agree with you Tony.

In my case we have set Maximum number of items per target per pass = 3000. However in the report i still have entry like below.

No of items ready to archive No of messages that would be archived Difference
816 0 816
1166 23 1143
624 35 589
650 0 650
459 41 418
2452 319 2133
4533 429 4104
625 271 354
854 57 797

As per my understanding:

For the entries where first column shows count more than 3000, second column should show 3000 items. and difference should be first column-3000.

For other entries where first column shows less than 3000 items second column should show the same number and difference should be 0

Please correct me if i am wrong or missed something

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Interesting.. :)

What version of EV are you using and are you using Quota based archiving?

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We are on EV7.5

Criteria used for archiving is "Mails older than 3 weeks" and "Mailbox Size is more that 50% of Quota".

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I think the reason why you see the numbers you do is because you are using Quota's.  It doesn't need to archive all the eligible items to get the mailbox below quota. 

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You mean to say that EV is using some other criteria to get the vaules mentioned in first column?

How EV server is calculating "No of items ready to archive"? Is it using the criteria what i have defined or some default criteria or just ignoring the Quota criteria and using only the date criteria??

Thanks for your replies

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You have set to archive mails older than 3 weeks and also once mailbox reaches 50%. But here even if mailbox reaches 100% and all mails are below/younger than 3 weeks means nothing will be archived. Or, you have your mailbox below 50% size and there are mails which are older than 3 weeks, still nothing will be archived. This is how till 7.5 versions are behaving. This seems to be taken care in version 8.0 as read.

Hi Tony, hope my understanding is correct?



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This is my first time in this forum and my company is on EV version 8.0.1.   I am working to get a handle as to why many mailboxes are being missed for archiving runs.  My policy is as follows:

Strategy: age and quota
Age: 60 days
Quota: 50%
Never archive items younger than 7 days

I ran an archiving report and found one user that seems to have items to archive, but the report says:

No of items ready to archive = 34
No of items that would be archived = 0
Size of messages that would be archived = 12533
% of Quota free = 37.47
Space held by existing pending items = 23

Does this mean the user manually started archiving items?  Why would there be Zero item that would be archived and 12533 size of messages that would be archived?

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