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Question about how BE 2010 R3 backs up Exchange

Created: 02 Oct 2013 | 3 comments

We are looking to change our backup method but have a question hopefully someone can answer. 

Right now we are running full nightly backups at one of the companies I support but 2-3 times a week the backup takes 20+ hours for no apparent reason. it normally completes in 12-14 hours. To alleviate this we are looking at doing full backups Saturday and Sunday to separate NASs and differential during the week. My question regarding exchange is:

If for some reason the NAS that the Sunday backup is on goes down and we have to recover from the Saturday backup and say the Tuesday differential will that still have the emails from Sunday? Or will those emails be lost? 

The server is a 2011 SBS running AD and Exch 2010, with BE 2010 R3 installed on the server.

Bonus question: What would cause the backups to take longer randomly? Fiber infrastructure, physical boxes, and random as to when it cancels due to time out.  

Thanks in advance for any help


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Colin Weaver's picture

The differential will be linked to the last Full (which would be Sunday's) and therefore you would have problems restoring if that full is not available.

EDIT: for the bionus question do you get days where you receive more or less inbound e-mails so have quite large differences between how many transaction logs build up on the system between backups as this could affect the backup performance

dashihawk's picture

Is there a place/way I can look at the log files that have been created/stored over the past week or does echange purg them? The company in question has 15-20 people with email so I doubt they are overloading it but it is a trend I would like to look into. 

Rahul Kumar1's picture

. Exchange purge the logs after it is backed up. Before purging the logs its get committed to the database.