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Question about policy scheduling

Created: 14 Dec 2012 • Updated: 05 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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If we were given a window of time to complete all of our backups, say 10pm to 6am, would there be any harm just setting all of our policies start times to the same window?  Obviously that would lead to all the policies kicking off and then queuing until drives were available, so basically my question is would that be a bad thing?  Is there any harm in a large amount of jobs just sitting queued?

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Andy Welburn's picture

No harm in having jobs queued, but there may be depending on how many jobs could potentially be running at any one time (STU settings, max jobs per policy or client etc) - especially when the window first opens.

If resources are available to run the maximum number of jobs (e.g. media, drives etc) is your infrastructure capable of handling the load (e.g. network, clients, VM hosts or whatever) ?

RamNagalla's picture

that is fine as long as your EMM server is able to handle the Queued jobs..  if the queued jobs increased that will increase the load on EMM process. and some time you may end up with hung jobs...

i would suggest you to stagger the job start times with in the avaliable backup window.. so that you will not see much load on EMM

and also your activity moniter looks good... :-)

Marianne's picture

I agree with Andy. Rather have a queue that will kick in as and when resources become available, than having periods where nothing is running.

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Hanzo581's picture

We have about 90 jobs/policies, all spread out between master and our 7 media servers.

So how does a queued job communicate, and is that going to increase network traffic a good amount as it continues to request a drive?  I am sure we will hit the max job limit, but then the rest just slide into line right?

RamNagalla's picture

yes... untill they got resource from EMM.

Marianne's picture

Queued jobs do not generate any network traffic - only once it goes active. Each time a job completes and resources become available, queued jobs will be evaluated. Jobs that can append to the same media in tape drive will get preference.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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