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Question around FSA Services on a FS Cluster

Created: 21 Jan 2013 • Updated: 05 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
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Hi All

I have a question, I have a customer that has about 20 File Servers that are clustered. Each FS Cluster in running in an Active\Active Configuration

EV sees the 20 FSA Targets and there are 2 nodes in each cluster. On each Node I can see the 3 default FSA Services

  • Placeholder
  • Collector
  • Blocking

My question is a simple one, what is the correct process to restart any of these services on the nodes? The customer has up to now been going to Services and doing it like that, but I don’t think this is correct as surly these Services need to be restarted from the Cluster Manager? Under each Virtual  File Server I can see an Enterprise Vault FSA Resource. Would this be taken Offline if I want to restart the 3 EV FSA services on the various nodes.


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JesusWept3's picture

Whats the clustering software that you use?

And i think it really depends if its set up for High Availibility or not, because i know in some circumstances, if HA is enabled and one of the services in a resource group restarts, then it forces the cluster to fail over, which you wouldn't want....unless its shut down by the cluster manager

What would also be the reason for restarting the services as well?

but regardless, if it can be done by the cluster manager, it should be done by the cluster manager as far as I'm concerned, but i'm not entirely sure if theres any best practices or anything documented that would explain the risk of not doing so other than an unintentional fail over in an HA environment

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Hi Alex

Its a Windows 2008 Cluster (MCS). We need to restart the Collector service due to issues with FSA Reporting, but I want to know the correct method to restart the services anyway as there are times where the Placeholder needs to be restarted with FSA. The Cluster is configured for HA, there are 2 active nodes and an EV FSA Resource

The customer has had issues with stopping the various  FSA services through the normal Services MMC, so I am sure this is caused by the fact they didn't take the FSA Resource offline which I imagine is the correct method?