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Question on customization and upgradability

Created: 14 Mar 2013 • Updated: 14 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi, I've inherited a Service Desk 7.1 implementation.  Several of the built in incident and change management workflows were modified and the existing staff doesn't know what was modified.

It is my understanding that any customization outside of process manager will be over written and have to be created from scratch.  Is this correct?

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That's mostly correct.  I'd probably say "officially" correct.  From scratch is probably the best option anyway if you're unsure the customization level in the existing product.  If you wanted to move some of the logic though (and are able to identify the customizations in the workflows), much of it can probably be copy/pasted into the new installation, then just connect any validation dots.

Be sure to check the ProcessManager database for any custom tables you'll need to bring over as well.

*Edit - Sorry, I assumed the incident and change processes you were talking about were the core workflows.

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Are you worried about the customizations being over written during an upgrade? With the 7.1 versions of ServiceDesk (7.1, 7.1 SP1, & 7.1 SP2) an in place upgrade of ServiceDesk is not supported. You would need to setup a whole new server for this. That being the case this would mean your customized projects would not be over written. You would however have to put the customizations into the projects on the new server.

Now you are able to upgrade the version of the Workflow engine that ServiceDesk runs on top of. This process does not touch any of your existing projects, so your customization would not be over written.

Hope this helps.

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Great info.

We are on 7.1. xx. 

Moving forward to 7.5 is in place upgrade supported for customized projects?

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Hi lotsill,

See the Migrating to ServiceDesk 7.5 section in the Symantec ServiceDesk 7.5 Release Notes at

Migrating to ServiceDesk 7.5

Existing ServiceDesk customers must migrate to ServiceDesk 7.5, which involves migrating to new hardware. This migration includes both the ServiceDesk server and a new database instance. You should plan to install ServiceDesk in a new environment, separate from your existing ServiceDesk server. An in place upgrade path is not available, and Symantec does not support attempts to install 7.5 over a previous version of ServiceDesk. You are required to run both systems in parallel until your previous tickets are closed and necessary data is migrated to your ServiceDesk 7.5 environment.

Kindest Regards,



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Hi CNWillams,

We are scrapping the 7.1 Service Desk and starting new.

Does the ServiceDesk roadmap include inplace upgrades?

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Yes starting with ServiceDesk 7.5 you will have the ability to perform in place upgrades.