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Question for Function and Demerit in using DeDuplication

Created: 13 Dec 2010 • Updated: 16 Dec 2010 | 12 comments
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Because I'm not good at English very well., please answer intelligibly (easy).
I will use DeDuplication Option.

Target OS is...
  - Windows (Agent for Windows)
  - Linux (Agent for Linux)
  - VMWare (Agent for VMWare)

Target Database is...
  - Lotus Domino (Agent for Lotus Domino)
  - SQL Database (Agent for SQL Database)
  - Oracle Database (Agent for Oracle Database)

I will back up all files with DeDuplication Option.

  'Agent for Oracle Database' is actually 'RMAN(Recovery Manager) of Oracle Function'.
  When I use 'Agent for Oracle Database' and I backup 'Oracle Instance',
    is this backup data done DeDuplication?

  What is demerit of DeDuplication?

  Symantec Document wrote that it was better to put 'Full Backup' and 'Incremental Backup' together.
  If I use 'Incremental Backup' with DeDuplication Option,
    when I restore it, do I need to restore both 'Full Backup' and 'Incremental Backup'?

  Symantec Document wrote that the target for me to duplicate backup data is only 'DeDuplication Folder' or 'Tape Device'.
  (DeDuplication Folder is DeDuplication Format. Tape Device is Normal Backup Format.)
  I want to use a folder on storage disk in substitution for 'Tape Device'.
  The format is Normal Backup Format, this is OK.
  Can 'DeDuplication Backup Folder' duplicate 'Normal Backup Folder Device'?

Thank you for your support.

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1) You can take a backup of Oracle DB only if its on a Windows Server. Dedup will 

    work only with Remote agent for Windows.

2) Dedup works great with flat files, so don't compare the performance of a flat file 

    backup with the database backup.

3) Configure all backups as Full backup, dedup will take a backup of data that was 

    changed since last backup. So while restoring you will have to restore last 

    successfull backup.

4) Not sure about the 4th question.


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Consider that if you configure all backups as full backup, you will always use the full amount of time to complete the backup job. You just save space on your b2d device.

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1) If you target your job to the dedup folder, the data will be deduplicated.

2) To use dedup, Your media server needs to be 64-bit and you need 1Gb for 1Tb of data deduped.

3) Yes. You would need to restore the full and then all the subsequent incremental backups.

4) You can only dedup to a dedup folder.  You cannot dedup to either tape or a B2D folder.

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Thank you AmolZeroCool, pkh

1) Are two opinions different?

2) There is no problem of hardware requirement.
    Are there the other demerits?

3) Symantec document say that It is good that we use both 'Full Backup' and 'Incremental Backup'.
    'Incremental Backup' is more high-speed to filter the target data.
    If I use both, do I restore only latest backup?

4) Can I duplicate to 'Tape Device'?
   Symantec document write we can duplicate 'DeDuplication Backup Data' to 'Tape Device'.
   But there is limitation.
   The duplication data is changed to Normal Backup Format.

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If I use both, do I restore only latest backup?

No.  You would need to restore your full then all the subsequent incremental backups.

Can I duplicate to 'Tape Device'?

Yes. You can duplicate the dedup data to tape, but it would be hydrated (changed to normal format) before it is written to tape

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Thank you for your answer.

> 1) If you target your job to the dedup folder, the data will be deduplicated.

Even if I use Oracle Agent, the backup data that RMAN create is deduplicated?

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RMAN works with Remote agent, so yes the data will be deduplicated.

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Thank you!!

I confirm it once again.

If the hardware requirement is no problem,

Is there no reason why we don't use DeDuplication Option?

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I have additional question.

When there is a similar server (2 windows server),

  should I create 1 backup policy? or 2 policy?

When there is a some OS(Windows Server, Linux Server, and more),

  should I create 1 backup policy? or 2 (and more) policy?

  should I create 1 selection list? or 2 (and more) selection lists?

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This question is not related to your original question.  Do close out this discussion by marking one of the answers as the solution and then start a new discussion for this question.

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I'm sorry. You are right.

But, I don't know how to close this question.

What should I do for 'Solved Mark'?

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Choose the answer that you want as the solution and click on the MARK AS SOLUTION under that answer.