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Question: How to Delegate custom Roles to User support staff?

Created: 04 Oct 2012

Hello Symantec gurus,

I have recently installed SMP 7.2 SP2. I have added my user support staff into a new role. I would like to assign permission to have them install Agents, push patches, Manage computers and software, create jobs-tasks-policies, remote control. Mostly delegate user support staff all the required permission to perform the tasks without giving them extra permission on the SMP server. I have used the built-in roles like level 1 & 2 workers, patch management rollout however they get more than the required permissions. There are above 100 permission with combination of the roles and I’m not sure what is needed. Is there any article or link that explains how to delegate the role to helpdesk staff?  

Update: I manage to assign console permission using the security role manager. The user support staff can see all the menus but do not have the permission to access them. Where do i give them the permission to run ? for example to access "push windows symantec management agents". They are getting access denied.