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Question regarding Netbackup Network Infrastructure

Created: 16 Jan 2013 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 6 comments
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Hi all, this is my first time post after a lot of reading at this forum.

I´ve got a big question regarding Netbackup recommendations in terms of backup elements connections.

Our company is designing a future network environment, and our backup servers (medias and master) will be part of it obviously. This new architecture will consist basically on access switches and CORE switches.

We (backup team) were expecting that the master and media servers will be connected to the CORE switch as the storage items (tapes and disk) are.Our surprise is that NETWORKING TEAM idea is to connect Media and MASTER to the ACCESS switches.

We are sure that it will impact the performance of the backups and so we need any kind of documentation (I couldn´t find anything on symantec manuals, white papers, best practices but sure I´ve not read everything) or experiences to help us on convincing them as we won´t be able to make tests until the new network is deployed and it would be later.

Can anyone of you help me on this? Thanks in advance.

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Please check the  below white paper. under section



and tapes and disk are connect to SAN Switch, and its a part of storage tasks., Network team does not need to involve on this.

you need to understand your Architecture and desing.

read the above doc for basic understanding...

hope this will give some idea

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Thanks for the help Nagalla, as you say disk and tape will be connected to the SAN. NETWORKING TEAM is implied because we are going to introduce FCoE (FC and Ethernet traffic is intended to cross this switches which they will manage).

What we need to know is if there´s any reason why we should put our Media Servers on the Core fiber "switch" instead on the access "switches".

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

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Please also refer to the NetBackup Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide for references:

It says 7.1 but the good practices and calculations are also applicable to 7.5.

I guess the bottom line is that your required data transfer rate can be achieved and sustained - from clients to nbu servers, and from nbu servers to the destination storages. (key words: transfer rate, transfer path, performance, backup window, etc.)
There are sections in the document on how to plan and work these out.
Then there is also HA and redundancy to consider, topics like nic teaming, LACP on switches, etc., that you will have to work out with the network team.

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Thanks RLeon, I suppose we have to calculate all this considerations, the problem is that we won´t be able to be sure if ti works until late.

So apart from this, doesn´t exist any documentation that recommends where to locate the Media servers in a SAN network?  

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

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You are focusing on the locations of the Netbackup servers, when what those documents are really saying (by not saying much on) is that it doesn't really matter.

Be it access, distribution, core or even cross site, for as long as you can have fast and sustainable transfers between nbu clients, servers and storage, and have high availability/redundancy on the connections, it is not a concern for Netbackup how you build your network.

If you network team could give you all that and more by putting all your stuff in access switches, then that's fine. (It's just that it would be an unusual network architecture, because the servers are not near the core, as you pointed out.)

we won´t be able to be sure if ti works until late

That's what the planning tuning guide is for. You have to plan ahead.

In a perfect world (unlikely i know...), as a backup admin you should be able to just give your network team those requirements, let them work out the architecture stuff, where to place your backup servers, clients, storage, etc.
For example, without having to specify whether it is placed at core or access, you might say to the network team something like: "The Netbackup media server needs to intake alot of backup traffic from many clients simultaneously, give it 10Gb lan, or 2/4Gb LACP teaming, or something. 1Gb is a bottleneck and is therefore unacceptable."
And let them work it out. They will likely come to the conclusion that your Nbu servers will need to be placed near/at the core based on your requirements. If they don't, but your exact requirements could still be fulfilled, then that's ok for Netbackup too.

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RLeon thanks for the comment again. As you said giving them the requirements will be the best idea.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.