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Question regarding recovery of .BKF files from tape

Created: 30 Jun 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 3 comments


Let me preface my question by stating that I understand backing up the .BKF files directly to tape is not the preferred method for archiving.  I know that duplicating jobs is considered best practice, however that is something we currently are not doing, but will be looking into for future backups.  I recently found myself needing to recover some files from tape, and running into a variety of issues while trying to do so.  Whats frustrating is that there is no clear documentation for something that I'm sure is done more frequently than not, and that is backing up to disk, and then backing up the .BKF files to tape.

I'm wondering if the process could be clearly documented here, or if there is any documentation elsewhere that describes this process?

What I understand so far is that I need to recover the BKF files from tape to a folder that is recognized by backup exec.  From there I inventory the folder, then catalog the files if they are not recognized by backup exec.  I'm curious what happens to those files if they are already part of another B2D folder?  For example, lets say that everyday I backup files to disk from a server that uses three files (B2D1, B2D2, and B2D3).  Those three files are moved to tape and then restored to another folder (called restore).  As soon as I run an inventory of those files, they are no longer seen in the original B2D folder, but are now seen in the restore folder.  How will this affect the original backup job?  Do I need to re-inventory the original B2D folder once my restore is complete so that the job runs successfully?

Thanks for any advice into this process.

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As You said :
At time of  backup :     DATA   --> Disk  (in form of BFK)  (b2d folder ) then -->Tape.

At time of restore - if backup done by above method 
Rule is Restore from  --      Tape --> DISK --->  DATA

Steps Explanation in DETAIL :
While you restore from Tape  --You cna restore ot any folder and on any server ( recommended is create a new folder whereever you have space)
Run Restore from Tape to this folder(xxxxxx)  now .
Once above thing is done
Open Backup Exec - Devices Tab - Create a New Backup to Disk  folder ( this location is the folder (xxxxxx)  which you had created at time of resting data from Tape

You might get pop up as  bkf files is already present in this fodler  (Ignore this )

Once you create this new  B2D fodler

Inventory and CATALOG 
Once catalog is done
Then  at  Restore  - select the b2d fodler  from devices - highlight BKF file - right click on it and run RESTORE


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Thanks for the response, I will give this a shot. Any idea what this does to the BKF files associated with other jobs, since they will have the same name as the ones I am restoring from tape? Would I have to inventory those folders again once I am done restoring?