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Question on RMAN backups and Netbackup

Created: 19 Jan 2011 • Updated: 20 Jan 2011 | 5 comments
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We are implementing a Data Domain solution for our backups and the recommendation from our provider is to use the NetBackup Oracle agent (the DBAs currently dump to disk, and we pick up the RMAN files via a normal system backup).

So, I've read through the NBU for Oracle Admin Guide, and am ready to install and test. However, the DBAs are asking how Netbackup handles the "Backup as copy" option. They seem to be concerned with file names (?) and recovering from this type of RMAN backup. I reviewed the guide and there is no reference to "backup as copy".

If anyone can clarify this RMAN "backup as copy", and how NBU works with that option, it would be greatly appreciated. We are running version 6.5.6 on RHEL.


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is Oracle feature not Netbackup so you won't find it in a Symantec manual.

See this link for some information:

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Thanks Bill.

That link explained the "backup as copy" feature of RMAN. My question now is: is that supported by the NBU oracle agent? Can I do a "backup as copy" to a netbackup disk storage unit, or a diskpool (ie., the Data Domain appliance, which is configured using OST). I would think not, as it seems this feature of RMAN is not a backup solution, but rather more of a failover config.

Thank again

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Backup as Copy creates an OS image on disk only, not tape.  You could then take a regular filesystem backup to tape using Netbackup (not the NBU for Oracle agent).

Backup sets are directly supported by NBU for Oracle agent and can be backed up directly to tape or disk.  These are commonly called hot backups.

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

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Can a "Backup as Copy" be sent directly to a NBU disk storage unit?  Without creating an OS-disk based image first, then backing up that image later as a simple filesystem backup.  This 2-staged process is exactly what we are trying to eliminate.

I strongly suspect the answer is 'no', but the question has still not been directly answered.  And I also realize this is an Oracle limitation, not NBU, but I just need to help a DBA find the answer.  thanks