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Question on SMTP Archiving

Created: 10 Jul 2014 • Updated: 10 Jul 2014 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi All

I haven’t worked with SMTP archiving before and I have a question

I have a customer that is going to be investing in eDiscovery, they understand all Exchange traffic will be captured through Journaling. But they have an internal server that uses  a distribution list which sends email  to a MailMarshall server which then sends these bulk emails to the USA. This process operates outside the Exchange infrastructure.

From reading the SMTP Archiving documentation and looking at the diagram I assume the MailMarshal server is the SMTP relay in the flow of SMTP data so it needs to send a copy of all emails to the Microsoft SMTP Server? EV will then target this.

Is my understanding correct?


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Hi Bruce,

Yes, you are right. But you need to confirm whether MailMarshal is an SMTP relay ?

If you it is an SMTP relay and not holding the copy of the .eml messages then you need to configure it to send a copy to a Microsoft SMTP server which will hold the copy in the Drop box.

Now you need to Run the EV Binaries on the Microsoft SMTP Server and install the Enterprise Vault SMTP Archiving option.

Once done you need to configure it through the command line so that it can Move all the .eml messages from the Drop box to the Holding area..

Now using Enterprise vault server you can add the Holding area as a FSA Target and get it archived.

The Holding area will have a Folder hierarchy such as Domain Root\UserName\Year\Date\hour in which the message will reside.

So while configuring it as a Target you can create archive based on UserName.

Which Version of EV you are running ???

With EV 11 we provide single instancing storage for SMTP archiving which is not present in prior versions.

I hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any queries.



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Hello Bruce,

I have not worked with SMTP archiving yet, so I might be wrong here.

After reading the documents, it looks like the term SMTP archiving is a little misleading. From what I read, what is done is that the SMTP messages (in your example from mailmarshall) are send to a server, where they are stored on the disk as EML files. These files then need to be archived using the FSA part of EV.

I read somewhere: You cannot use SMTP Archiving to archive MAPI messages.

You write:

But they have an internal server that uses  a distribution list which sends email  to a MailMarshall server which then sends these bulk emails to the USA

how is the mail send? Can that mail not be also send to 1 recipient in the internal Exchange organization, and thus be journaled? I advise to contact Support for an explanation, or ask your Symantec ProgramManager to assist in getting an answer.

don't you just love new features :-)

EDIT A_J answered before me. Might be more clear.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Thanks Guys

AJ has answered my question. And this customer will be on EV 11 as we are busy upgrading

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Hello All,

Just wanted to clarify that the new SMTP Archiving agent will be part of EV11.0.1 release (and is not part of EV11).

Have a look at my blog post on SymConnect regarding EV11.0.1 Beta.