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Question Solaris 11 Global and Local Zones and Netbackup

Created: 24 Feb 2013 • Updated: 26 Feb 2013 | 1 comment
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New install of  a Master Server and 2 media servers using Solaris 11  Zones   Netbackup  


Media Server    ( Media_1 )  installed on a Global Zone

Master Server  ( Master_1 )  installed on the local zone which is the  same physical server as  Media_1

New Physical server has (  Media_2)   on a Global Zone

This all works  fine  until you shut down the Netbackup daemons on the Media_1  server  ,

Part of the  ( netbackup )  shutdown  script will  run a ps -ea  and grep for nbemm  and  shutdown the master servers  nbemm.,

The reason is the script does not defined if the process_id is running on the local or global zone,. 

In the above example the netbackup  ( ps -ea | grep nbemm )   finds only  process_id of nbemm and kills it

This proccess_id is actually in the local zone  so it kills the masters nbemm.


    1)  Do we support this example.   We do state we  Symantec Supports a master server is a local zone.,   How about  a master and      media server on a  physical server  using the global and local zones.

   2)  IUf this is support is there a way to change the ( netbackup )  start/stop switch   so the ps -eaZ  command will be used to select the correct zone when killing process ids .

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...and I guess the other one is a duplicate of this one, so I'll close it.

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