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Questions about migration from a server to another

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 25 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
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I would like to ask You kindly for some suggestions about the migration from a Backup Exec to another as I need to migrate from a fileserver to another the software and the media library.

Actually I run Backup Exec 12 on a Windows Server 2003. Connected to the server with a data cable, there is a robotic media library with 16 tapes inside.

I have some jobs running periodically (day/week/month) and everything is fine.

Now I need to give the fileserver role to another new machine where I have installed Backup Exec 2012.

The hardware installation is not a problem, but I was thinking what could be the best way to migrate the data contained in the "old" Backup Exec to the "new".

I mean, what is the best method to have all the information about the current tapes on the new Backup Exec, so that, if in the future I ever need to restore some files from the previous server contained on the same tapes, I can do it directly from the new "environment"?

Is there a method to export DB info to the new Backup Exec, or is there a basic funcion like an inventory or a catalogue I can run on the new to read these information from the different tapes and have automatically the software aware of the previous situation?

Thank You in advance.


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BE 2012 is quite different from previous versions of BE. You would have to do a 2-step migration if you want to upgrade your BE 12 to BE 2012.  You have to upgrade to either BE 12.5 or BE 2010 before upgrading to BE 2012.  Your jobs might undergo a radical change.

It is probably easier for you to do a fresh install of BE 2012 and re-create your jobs.  You can then inventory and catalog your existing tapes. Once you have catalog your tapes, you would be able to restore from them.

You might want to read my article before proceeding further

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if you go down the manual route of creating new jobs and inventorying and cataloging the old tapes then be aware that the media retention settings will not be maintained, so you will also have to manually move media into approriate media sets to ensure you don't overwrite an old backup too early.

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If I undestood correclty I could do this directly on the new BE2012:

1) Start a full inventory

2) Start media catalogue

3) Recreate manually all the jobs 

4) Set again the media retention

All points are fine to me but I've never run a catalogue. Can You confirm that this operation instucts the BE2012 about the media contents? (i.e. what backups are saved on them + when they have been made, and let me restore from them).

PKH, Colin, many thanks for Your replies. I had some doubts but are (almost) gone.


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When you run a catalog, the backup sets on the tape will be read and you can then restore from the tape.

You should re-do your retention period before you define your jobs.  Just in case,your jobs start to run and overwrite tapes.