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Questions: BackUp Exec 2010 R3 (pre)SP3

Created: 26 Sep 2013 | 4 comments

My company has 2 backups. One runs without errors and the other did the same until about a month and a half ago. Now it never passes verification. I know that the SP3 is a fix but why all of a sudden did it start failing? Are updates running automatically without our knowledge?

Can we restore from the backups that are there now after we install SP3 or will those backups be no good once the installation is done?

Also, why is it that the other backup has not failed yet? It's running the same version with the same OS (Windows 2008 Business). I'm just curious to know if we should be cautious about SP3 doing the same thing eventually.

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. Backup exec does not install anything until and unless you run liveupdate.

The backups which were taken prior to SP3 can be restored once you install SP3. Even backups taken from previous versions can be restored.

Its not necessary that backups fail in all environment even if the configuration is same. When we release a fix we find the backups failing in few environment but the same backup running good in same kind of environment.

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Thank you so much for your quick reply and helpful info.

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A couple more questions that came up were...

Can I take a backup that failed validation and still restore from it (passed backup/failed validation)?

When I install the patch, does it install on the client or the server? I'm just needing to know if I am going to need to restart my companies entire backup or just the backup that is failing. Should I restart both the client and the server? Specifically, if  *_server_backup is failing (the reason we need SP3) do we need to restart it? We are installing the SP3 on *backup2, is it going to need to restart? Or both? Thanks again for your help.

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Ideally when you install a service pack you need to push the updates to all the remote agents you are backing up. Pushing the updates is the same process you do when you install the remote agent on any server.

 I Backup servers needs a reboot and remote servers will work without a reboot also.