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Questions regarding Backup Exec Database and Catalog Maintenance and backup

Created: 10 Dec 2013 • Updated: 10 Dec 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi all,

We run close to a 100 backup jobs every night, some to tape and some to disks (using BE2010 R3 SP3). I also make quite a few changes to jobs definitions during and week.

Now, I have some questions regarding the maintenance and backup of the Backup Exec database and catalog:

1. Is there a reason for me to backup BEDB.bak and the Catalog folder on a daily basis? (It's about 120GB). If so, Do I need to back them both up or does the BEDB.bak sufficient?

2. Is it a good practice ro run the "Check Database Consistency" and "Compact Database" from the BEUtility on a regular basis? and how long does it usually takes (the BEDB.bak is 264MB).

3. I have an issue with an Exchange GRT backup to tape, which takes a very long time to updating the catalog. Is it possible that running Consistency Check and Database Compact can resolve this issue?

4. I'm quite concerned about running these database utilities on my own. is there any risk? Should I run it with Symantec Support?


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1. If you want to recover your BE server, you need to backup BEDB.bak every night. If you don't, then you start with a clean BEDB and you then have to set up all your jobs again. You'd then have to catalog all your tapes if you didn't back up the Catalogs folder. If you can do the latter (catalog all your tapes again), then BEDB.bak being backed up should be OK.

2. Never seen this in any forum advice or official Symantec documentation. I only ever used this under my own troubleshooting steps, or under instruction from Symantec.

3. Not sure, but the TN below outlines a comprehensive repair of the BEDB. I've performed all these steps before and never run into an issue (nor have I seen anything on the forums detailing that following these steps can cause issues):

I did mention in your previous topic that you should consider moving the default BEDB maintenance task to a later time when the backups aren't running.

4. As above...but if you don't feel comfortable then by all means, log a call with Symantec and ask them to run the repair for you.


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Hi Craig, thanks for your answers.

Regarding no. 2 and no. 3 - How long does it usually take for all these processes to complete on a 264MB BEDB file? I just want to find a good time window for this operation.

Regarding no. 3 - I did move the maintenance task to a later time during the day but it didn't have any affect on the Exchange backup. Still takes too long...

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I'd say that if moving the maintenance time window for BE to perform its database maintenance has made no impact on the length of time that your Exchange meeting takes, then you need to log an official call with Symantec over that.

However, the maintenance tasks shouldn't take long. It's basically expiring media and cleaning things up in the BEDB.


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