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Quick Delivery and Package Servers

Created: 06 Nov 2012 | 2 comments

I have an issue with using a Quick Delivery task to deliver software at our remote sites. If I push out a task the client will get it and fail to install. Looking at the logs shows that it couldn't get the package from the package server. A look at that remote package server verifies that the package is missing. After a period of time the package server will then realize a client needs the package and download it. After that I can schedule the task and it will complete successfully.

What is happening is that the package server doesn’t download the package until it detects a client needs it. I know this happens for patches, but should this be happening for Quick Delivery as well? I thought it might be related to the setting to delete old content after a period of time, but I disabled that. It did not help.

If this is “as designed” how do I work around it? If it not correct any ideas in where I can look to correct it?

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If you edit the package you'll see a "Package Server" tab, select that and that's where to tell the system how and where to prestage packages. I'm guessing yours is set to "Package Servers automatically with manual prestaging", you need to select one of the other options to suit.

I'm afraid I don't know if you can set a default for that.

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