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quick question on installing SP5 for BE 11d

Created: 08 Apr 2010 | 7 comments

Just wanted to check - does installing SP5 for BackupExec 11.0.7170 (SP0) effect anything I should be aware of? How about the BE agents irunning on the other servers - Do they stay the same?


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After installing SP5 we need to update the remote agents as well.....Push install the Remote Agent on all the remote servers...If AOFO is already installed on the Remote servers and you push install the remote agents for upgrade to SP5 , a reboot will be required for the remote servers.

Hope this helps...

NOTE: If your Backups and restores are working fine, I will not recomend you to install everything is working fine....

Its a best practice to have a "Support Contract" with Symantec...

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You should re-push the Remote Agent after applying the Service Pack to make sure any updates get applied to them

Other than that,  should be no problems at all.  If you are a belt and suspenders kind of person, yo would probably get a special backup of the BackupExec install directory, just in case ;)

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dont you read the previous post.....?

Its a best practice to have a "Support Contract" with Symantec...

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What sometimes happens is people open up a number of posts/1 post, and only get to it a couple of minutes later. I do it, and post after someone else has, and it isn't on purpose.
Ken has posted 9 minutes after you, so don't see it as a copy...

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Yikes. If I have to update the remote agent on all the servers (and reboot) this becomes a big headache.

The reason I wanted to install SP5 is I have suddenly have the following problem - When I click on a job in the job history section Backup Exec hangs with an event ID 1001 and 1002. I have to either reboot the server or restart all the BE services to get the console running again. After doing that I can open job history without a problem. Then after the next backup job the same problem reoccurs.

Maybe there's an easier way to fix this? It's a bit strange why this is suddently happening. The backups are running OK, and there is plenty of hard disk space for the logs.

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Well, ,you don't HAVE to update the RAWS right away, since your problem appears to be on the media server itself.   You can plan/stagger the RAWS updates as your service window(s) permit

As long as the RAWS and the media server are at the same version, they should talk OK.   But it is always better to have them at the same service level too

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I have backup backup exec 11d, I keep getting “Update HOTFIX 354403 failed to install”. From what I have read I need to install SP5 to fix it. Any recommendation how to do it, and where I can get SP5.

Thank you