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"Virus Definitions Distribution" Section dont show anything

Created: 02 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 22 comments

After upgrade  SEPM to (11.0.1000) MR1, "Virus Definitions Distribution" Section dont show anything.

Except that section I can't veiw the Risk section; and seems all gifs or jpegs on the reports also can't display. Symantec are still checkiing what's wrong during upgrade.
i notic that in "Monitors" section also "Risk Distribution by Attacker " display No information.
any help or suggestion from symantec support?

any suggest?

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Josie's picture
I have the same problem, also my live update doesn't return any new content, i have to manually download new definitions.... what is going on?
Jan van Setten's picture
Exactly the same situation for me, no info on Virus Definition Distribution.
Also having problems upgrading the clients.... looks easy........... assigned new package to a groupe, add a schedule from 08:00 to 16:00, but nothing happens. Am i missing something ?
Paul Murgatroyd's picture
I've been working on an engineer with this and I think we have identified the problem, it seems to happen when we have more than a Top 3 definitions to list in the chart.  I'll post more when I know more.

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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Exact same issues here.  The Virus Definitions Distribution pie chart does not show up, however the Intrusion Prevention Signatures bar chart does.  This is the same whether I use the JAVA client or browse in a web browser.

I thought the idea of MR1 was to solve issues, not introduce new ones!

reza akhlaghy's picture
Hi Paul,
If you're investigating this problem please note:
1) This problem occurs only if you upgrade a SEPM server from 11.0 to 11.0 MR1
2) Sometimes the left chart is not displayed as well
3) sometimes the pie charts in monitoring section are not displayed as well
4) We missed pie charts! IMHO its better than bar chart
Matt Pierce's picture

I'm also experiencing this issue.  We upgraded to MR1 from release version on Tuesday.  We immediatly noticed that the graphs are not updating.  Yesterday we opened a case with support and I"m waiting on any results.

My ticket number is 311-806-490

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Paul Murgatroyd's picture
Hi Reza,
Thanks for your post - we have discovered a couple of minor bugs in the php code that displays these graphs.  I will add your comments to the defect we have created.  I believe we switched from Pie's to bars because the bar graphs are quicker to generate.  Your comments have been noted.
On the "doesn't happen on newly installed MR1" comment - is that because the MR1 SEPM is fairly new and doesn't have many clients yet?  You will only see this bug when there is more than a "Top 3" listed in the bar chart, anything below below that should display fine.
Matt, do you have your call ref so we can link it to the defect please?

Paul Murgatroyd
Principal Product Manager, Symantec Endpoint Protection
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Josie's picture
My case # is Case 311-799-931, i have about 250 clients, about 1 week installed so more than enough time to create a graph.
SKlassen's picture
Probably related.  Since updating to MR1, I've noticed on the SEPM console home page, that the  Latest Symantec Virus Definitions:  listing is often wrong.  Seems to not be updating properly.  Right now I'm looking at it and in the Bar charts I see 50 clients using 2008-01-10 rev. 038, yet at the bottom of the Virus Definition Distribution box it shows Latest Symantec Virus Definitions: 2008-01-10 rev. 003. 
I think that I may have figured out a pattern for when this works and doesn't.  If I have the console open when new definitions are downloaded and installed, then this data field is populated correctly.  If I do not have the console open when this process happens, this field will have old data the next time I open the console.

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Aaron Blosser's picture
Just to add a "me too"... we also upgraded from RTM to MR1 recently... the pie charts show up but they're "stuck" at whatever they looked like when we did the upgrade last week.  Opening the full report shows the actual definition distributions.
Other items on the "home" screen are out of date as well.
Oh, and a really annoying thing... I added the new 11.0.1000 client packages to our groups and made sure I selected "Antivirus" only for our server group... well the servers started installing the new package (eventually, it seemed to ignore whatever scheduling options we set) but it installed the full feature set of AV, Proactive Thread, and Network Threat.  Ugh... we kept the firewall feature off our servers deliberately.
I ended up deleting those client packages, set them up again the same way making sure it only had the AV feature selected, but it didn't help, plus servers that already installed the package with firewall weren't going to re-install, so I wound up spending all night logging onto servers manually and running a client package I built that only had the AV part.  I was not impressed with that.
It worked well when I did the same thing on a test group of computers, so I don't know... the test group must not have been representative.  We did have *some* servers that installed the proper feature set, so it's a mystery.
Josie's picture
I thought Symantec had found a fix?  Where is it?  I don't even see Paul responding anymore?
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I wanted to add myself to this thread as well.  We upgraded from RTM to MR1 and we no longer have anything in the "Virus Definitions Distribution" part of the Home page either.  Thanks.

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I have a similar problem you mentioned here.  i.e.: The Virus Definition Distribution chart on the Home tab is old and won't update.  This is both on the SEPM server and on the Java client on my PC.  However, if I click on the chart, I get the right info.  Have you found a fix for this?  Thanks.
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We are also having this same issue, the home page does not reflect the actual data, and the status summary is completely off. This of course happened after I upgraded with MR1. Hopefully support will figure out this issue soon.....
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we have been same problem here: we updated to MR1 and "virus distribuition definitions" don´t shows up. for awhile, clients and servers received updates and the newest package from SEPM.
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Same issue here, but this was A NEW installation of SEPM Server MR1 (clients were upgraded from 10.x to 11). Also when I go Clients --> Edit Properties --> Cleint Tab --> the Current Signature Serial Number field is empty.
Case 311-826-863
Tristan Smit's picture

I just spoke with a rep from symantec and he had me change the port on IIS for "Symantec Web Server" from a custom setting of 82 back to the default of 80.  This seems to have fixed the problem but now I will have to re-create my client packages (the packages are hard coded to tell the clients to use port 82 currently) and then re-deploy them in order for the clients to start using port 80 for communications with the server.  All of my existing clients are no longer able to communicate with the server (they are still trying to use port 82).  I have been advised by Symantec to not deploy any further clients until tomorrow to verify that everything is working.  So far so good though as far as the reporting and once I get the thumbs up tomorrow I will re-deploy a newly created package.

Heath Higgins's picture
i'm glad it worked for you, but that won't work for me. i have another site that is using port 80 (WSUS).  symantec does provide documentation in the install guide on using a differnet port other than port 80 so it has to be supported. there are also others in other posts that are using it on port 80 and having the same issues.
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It's August.  We are still having this problem.  Has there been NO resolution?