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Rate of Ingestion PST's and 3rd Party Tools

Created: 28 Dec 2012 • Updated: 31 Dec 2012 | 7 comments
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Hi - we are trying to ingest about 100 TB of PST as well.. thanks to JesusWept3 script, i am able to run 5 EVPM threads of 100 Mailbox each on 3 servers. Making the ingesion close to 20 GB/Hour on each server, but this is still not enough, since we need to done soon.

In researching other tools for e.g Flightdeck, Transvault, PSTAcclerator? - can someone let me know the ingestion rates and if it is really worth getting those additional software. We are only looking to ingest PST into the EV journal (not associating with any mailbox archive - only Journal Archive)

Please recommend software and also the ingestion rates you have experienced.


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AndrewB's picture

are the PSTs spread across your environment and in places that you dont know and need to discover? are you ingesting 100% of all data or do you need to filter anything? do you have bandwidth concerns where the ingestion needs to be scheduled to run during certain times, where you can't pull the data over the WAN and need to throttle the transfer, etc?

if the answer is no to all of the above and you just have a bunch of PSTs all in one location that you're dumping into a journal archive then the true value of the tools you mention isnt really going to come into play.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Andrew is correct, you probably won't get more speed if the limit is EV / your System.
Actually, 20 GB/h seems like a pretty decent rate.

You are probably better off in determining the limiting factor in your environment, and then eliminating this.
E.g. is your CPU at 100%? Throw in more CPU. Is your I/O limited? Throw in more disk. Stuff like that... :)


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Andrew, we have all the PST's (close to 100 TB) in one location, and we are dumping it into Journal Archive.
So you are telling me, the EVPM is the best approach to ingest ? which is 20GB per limit right now ? No other tools like Transvault/Flightdeck would increase the ingestion rate?

Michel - you are right, the other option is to throw resources - move EV servers for ingestion (maybe Virtual) - for example i can put up 10 servers, running 5 EVPM process per server, reaching up to 200 GB/Hr, but I am looking for a simpler process to ingest PST rather than using EVPM - checking logs.. etc.

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The tools wont increase the ingestion, just adding resources like Michel said but yes TransVault does have a huge advantage over EVPM in that you can automate the entire process.

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Are you ingesting the PST's into the same Journal Archive?
Are those PSTs "User" PST's or did you exported them from another system?


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You did not complain about the process, just about the speed. 3rd party tools will not get you more speed, but if you want a streamlined management of your ingestion, then this is something we (QUADROtech, PST Flightdeck) can do.

For more information, just contact us or send us an e-mail.


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Thanks Guys - sorry i dont know how mark 2 answers as possible solutions - but Michelz and Andrew thank you for the answers.