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RAW partition restore to alternate location

Created: 14 Oct 2012 | 7 comments

Hi All,

I am trying to restore a RAW partition from ClientA (\\.\H:) to ClientB (\\.\J:); but get the below error message in the job details.

I have access to the J; drive on ClientB but cannot see any files being restored/dumped to the destination.

10/15/2012 11:13:01 - begin Restore
10/15/2012 11:13:03 - number of images required: 1
10/15/2012 11:13:03 - media needed: 250081
10/15/2012 11:13:03 - media needed: 310072
10/15/2012 11:13:03 - media needed: 242255
10/15/2012 11:13:03 - media needed: 241152
10/15/2012 11:13:03 - media needed: 242101
10/15/2012 11:13:15 - restoring from image VLAPP02_1335503873
10/15/2012 11:08:09 - connecting
10/15/2012 11:08:12 - connected; connect time: 0:00:00
10/15/2012 11:08:15 - mounted 250081
10/15/2012 11:08:16 - positioning 250081 to file 1
10/15/2012 11:13:19 - requesting resource 250081
10/15/2012 11:13:20 - granted resource  250081
10/15/2012 11:13:20 - granted resource  HP.ULTRIUM3-SCSI.012
10/15/2012 11:09:22 - positioned 250081; position time: 0:01:06
10/15/2012 11:09:22 - begin reading
10/15/2012 11:09:24 - Warning bpbrm (pid=7296) from client bcptalanal: WRN - can't open raw device: \\.\J:/\\.\H: (NULL) (WIN32 2: The system cannot find the file specified. )

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Apart from the info from above link, also make sure that your ClientB J: drive is not just a share folder.
A Windows CIFS share folder is not a raw device, and is not visible to the Nbu client service.

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Thank you for the tech note.

Kindly let me know if there are any temporary files that are visible on the destination.

Does the restoration dump any files to the destination directory or the same will be updated once the restoration is completed.

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If you follow the technote 100% at every single step (and also, no CIFS share), then after your restore completes successfully, I would think that the files/contents in ClientB's J:\ drive would look 100% identical to ClientA's H:\ drive.
If you are asking about what you'd see inside J:\ DURING the restore and before it completes, well, no peeking.

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Hi RLeon,

I have followed the tech note and still getting the below errors

Warning bpbrm (pid=7296) from client bcptalanal: WRN - can't open raw device: \\.\J:/\\.\H: (NULL) (WIN32 2: The system cannot find the file specified. )

The destination drive J: is not a CIFS shared directory

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Was it a 'normal' raw partition backup, or a Flashbackup based 'raw' partition backup?
If it was from Flashbackup, you will have to follow this link instead:

Note the important points:
  Choose 'Restore from RAW partition backup' this time.
  The alternate location's raw partition must be exactly the same size or larger as the original.
  The destination drive should not be formatted with an NTFS file system before starting the restore. The disk should be assigned a drive letter but not formatted.

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Please show us a screenshot of the restore window where you specify the destination path.

Something wrong with the way that the destination path is interpreted: 


Please also ensure that all of the following log folders exist for further troubleshooting:

On master: bprd (NBU must be restarted to enable this log)
On media server: bpbrm and bptm  (no need to restart)
On client: tar

I am curious to see bprd log on master as a start. If this log exists, please copy to bprd.txt and post as File attachment (along with restore screenshot).

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Try to restore using "Restore individual folders and files to different location" at restore.
Specify "\\.\H:" as destination for \\.\J:

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