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RBL support

Created: 11 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi -

I understand RBL support was removed from Mail Security because that feature was included with Exchange 2007/2010.  Now that 2013 removes support for RBLs, will Mail Security support this feature once again?

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It looks like this guy has figured out how to run RBLs with Exchange 2013. I can't vouch for his methodology, but it sounds like he's got it working.

SMSMSE does nto have RBL functionality on any version of Exchange past 2003. We may go for an enhancement if enough users do not want to use the internal Exchange functionality, but I haven't heard a whole lot along those lines to this point.

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I did see that post, but I've seen some reports that it does not work properly or it has stopped working.  Also, it's certainly not a supported configuration by Microsoft.

I'm not sure if Microsoft will add support in the future, but I haven't seen anything to make me feel that they would.

I'd love to see this added back to Symantec Mail Security as an option.  I think as more sites upgrade to Exchange 2013 this will be a major stumbling block and this could be an opporunity for Symantec to win more sales.

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It would be a big benifit to have RBL functions added back to Symantec Mail Security for Exchange. As we look at deploying. Exchange 2013 I'm considering purchasing an addtional spam software for RBL. Since we have already purchase the Symantec product it would be nice if they put the feature back. It would help to only have to maintain white lists in one location as well.I have tested turning off the rbl list on our current Exchange 2007 server and it does make a difference. Please put it back for Exchange 2013.

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I second adding RBL runctions to Symantec Mail Security for Exchange. I am now looking into other products to do so, which would lessen my reliance on symantec's products. I would rather use what I already have which I feel works great, minus the lack of RBL support in both Exchange and SMSFE.