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RDEPLOY: Operation Cancelled Error Code 2

Created: 15 Oct 2013 | 1 comment

After an image has been running a while on a lab it will stop with an error 2 Operation Cancelled. I have seen a few old posts on here about it, but I believe I have a different problem. Most of the older posts are an issue with missing files or a corrupt image.

My log file says this-

Error description:
     The operation was cancelled.
     (Note: Current volume is NTFS from source slot 1.)
==================== Technical details ====================
Logfile = created Mon Oct 14 16:02:12 2013
  Build = RdeployT.exe 6.9 (9364)
Cmdline = R:\RDeploy\Windows\RdeployT.exe -noprompt -mdb -f.\108-Lab\108-Lab.img -s11 -i5003282 -ip: -threshold:4 -dsstatus: -mcint: -dsconfig:.\Temp\d5003306.cfg 
Status = 2 (0x2)
Source file = imglib\net\mcstream.cpp
Line number = 247 (0xf7)
Stack trace = 0x42cea8 0x42cc17 0x42cb94 0x416567 0x41331b 0x4138a1 0x414255 0x414abf 0x40353a 0x4122e4 0x401db0 0x40e47d &Known=0x490490
Note = Current volume is NTFS from source slot 1.
Imaging library revision = 9364 (win32-x86-release build, Fri Dec 23 11:31:56 2011)
I'm wondering if this is a multicast problem. I haven't had this problem in the past, and I don't think anything was changed network wise, but Source file = imglib\net\mcstream.cpp 

Makes me think it is a multicast issue maybe.

I am running 7 different Altiris servers all with 6.9 SP5 MR2 or MR3. I have seen this on 2 different servers now and neither seem to have any configuration changed. 

Any help would be appreciated. Just having a hard time finding the variable that changed to cause this problem.

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How long has your rdeploy-job been running? Might it be a DHCP-lease problem? The lease being too short to complete the rdeploy-task; remember that WinPE does not renew the DHCP-lease.

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