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Re-directed Hyper-V Restores

Created: 05 Mar 2013 • Updated: 18 Mar 2013 | 6 comments
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I am trying to perform a re-directed restore of a Hyper-V machine.

It originally lived on VMH06 and i would now like to restore the machine to VMH01 as VMH06 no longer exists.....

The problem occurs when i try to test the credentials, it seems to be looking for VMH06 to authenticate against, which seems odd.

Any ideas on how i can resolve this?

BE2010 R3 sp2 on 2008R2 to a Hyper-V host on 2008R2

Any help appreciated, thanks

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Under Hyper-V redirection, when choosing the redirection options, did you specify the system logon account ?

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Yes it's specified but it checks it against the original host which doesnt exist and fails.....

I could do some DNS stuff so it thinks its checking it against the old box but not ideal in a DR scenario.....

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Are you changing any credentials under "Resource Credentials" tab ? No need to change..If the account specified is invalid, pls change it to the system logon account.

Would you pls mention what options are specified under the restore job...and instead of running a credentials test, what happens when you run the actual restore job ?

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It is the system logon account that is specified, but it is trying to authenticate against the server the VM originally was hosted on......which no longer exists so fails.

i have Hyper-V redirection selected and pointed at a new host, which has a trust relationship established.

the job fails, unable to attach to resource

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I am assuming "Redirect to a different Hyper-V host" option is already checked.

Would you please run SGmon.exe from Program Files\Symantec\Backup Exec (on the media server)

Enable the first option of the left side & capture to file. Keep sgmon running & rerun the restore job. Please post or PM me the output.

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we went down the DNs alias route in the end to get cracking, not to worry.

Seems like a strange way of having to do things though