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Re: memory hog

Created: 10 Sep 2005 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 1 comment

running windows 2003 server, 512 ram piii processor. downloaded the software, installed it, restarted, and now I can not even admin. the server from the desktop. it lets me log in and that is it. when i try to admin the server it just has an hour glass. I looked at the task manager and services.exe uses is hung. i want to uninstall the software but i can not even do that. i tried to kill some of the processes but that does not help. i tried to disable the panther services from my mmc but that does not work. i need advice on how to admin the computer and uninstall the software.

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A conflict with Symantec Anti Virus 9.0 is a known issue. Please see this document should you have 9.0 installed:

To disable the filter drivers in order to manually uninstall, change the 'Start' value from "2" to "3" on each of the following registry entries, then reboot the machine:


Thank you for your post.