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Re-Sharing my harddrive?

Created: 26 Mar 2012 | 2 comments

This is my first time creating a forum post for tech help...

I am running Windows 7.  I "unshared" 2 of my 4 harddrives on my computer, at least that's what i thought i was doing, for security while i was on a unsecured network.

Now when i open my windows explorer window both harddrives are listed as "NTFS" and i can't access them.

When i try to reshare them in the same way i "unshared" them, it says "An error occured while trying to share D. Access is denied.  The shared resource was not created at this time."

can someone please help me asap.  These harddrives contain very important work information!

Thank you very much.

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Were disks encrypted ?

Right click my computer, manage, disk management

Send screenshoots of this window. Try to mount disks.

Go to cmd and run this commands:


-select disk 1 (or current disk number)

-detail volume

Send results of the command

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hmm i'm not sure how to upload a picture properly.. so hopefully this works..

i don't believe the disks are encrypted.. i'm a bit of a rookie in this matter.. i shoudln't have "unshared" them.. or whatever i did.. : /

diskpart = 6.1.7601

it says "Disk 1 is now the selected disk."

then "there is no volme selected.

Please select a volume and try again."

Disk Management SS.jpg