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Reaction of BackUp Exec when no more space is available.

Created: 21 Oct 2013 | 2 comments


we are evaluating BackUp Exec 2012 and we have a few things to ask.

- While a job is running and the tape get full a notification like that "Please insert overwritable media into the robotic library using the import command." is appearing.

  After i enter an empty tape in the partition the job was not able to continue until the services of backup exec restarted. Is this something normal?

- What a job do first? Estimating the available space and then runs or is running and when no more space is available is asking for a new tape?



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Is this a library/autoloader, or a stand-alone tape drive?

If an autoloader/library, you can't just put a tape in. BE will have no knowledge of that tape at all. You'd need to configure an import slot on the device, and then create an Import job within BE.

In the case of a stand-alone drive (and an autoloader/library), the tape must either be overwritable or appendable. If not, the job will simply stay queued.


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How did you introduce the new tape into the library?  If you just pull out the magazine, put the new tape into the library and then replace the library, then it is no enough.  You need to either scan the library if you are using barcode labels or run an inventory job if you are not using barcode labels.  This step is to notify BE of the change in status of the library.  When you restart the BE services, the status of the library is updated as part of the start-up process.

In order for your job to run without interruption, you have to ensure that there are sufficient overwritable tapes BEFORE the start of the job.

When you run a backup to tape, the job does not check for free space on the tape.  If you specify append, then it would look for the oldest appendable tape in the targeted media set.  When this tape is full, BE will look for an overwritable tape according to the procedure in this document

How Backup Exec searches for overwritable media

If it cannot find an overwritable tape, then it would prompt you to insert one into the library.

If your job specify overwrite, then BE will look for an overwritable tape using the procedure in the document above.  Again, if it cannot find an overwritable tape, then it would prompt you to insert one into the library.