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A read operation from a socket Failed

Created: 14 May 2010 | 15 comments
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Helo gaise,

I have this enviroment.

Two Netbackup server

                      SRVNETBKP1 (windows)
                      SRVNETBKP2 (linux)

One Media Server

                     SRVMEDIA SERVER (windows)

the connection from SRVNETBKP2 to SRVMEDIASERVER don't work. the message below appears

below, i have more informations

I have connectivity on host and don't work.

what more I can make? angry

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lu's picture

You should check that the name of the media server is resolved properly on the Linux server (check with 'host' or 'nslookup')

Anderson R. Gomes's picture

Yes. i can connect to the host by name or IP.

And i can cannect to the host by console java.


lu's picture

Yes but what happens if your run 'host mediaservername' on SRVNETBKP2 ?

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when i run host mediaserver on srvnetbkp2 that is work!!!

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If you have multiple NIC on master and media, the traffic may select interfaces you don't expect. A update on bp.conf & vm.conf with those interface name will resolve the issue.

You may also set the REQUIRED_INTERFACE to force traffic thru a NIC.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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i have a only one NIC on the booth hosts.

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One thing to leave out then :-)

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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Are you sure the domain name of the server should be lab.local ?.

You need to check the lab.local name is used in all configuration files and can be resolved both forward and reverse from the master server. Else you might confuse Netbackup.

The master server uses short name, can you use sort name for the media server as well  (KISS Principe) ?

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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I agree with Nicolai - rather use short names everywhere.
If you are using hosts files for name lookup and If FQDN is used, checked that hosts entries match on media and master servers.
For example:
On master: master loghost media

Media Server: media loghost master

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i test by hostname and dont work again.

thanks. i don't know what i do!angry

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Is there a firewall running on the Windows Server... This will also cause the stataus 23... If on, try disabling!



I take it you checked hosts file entries on all servers and not only the media server.

Also confirm subnet and gateway on media server -

Do you have 2 master servers: SRVNETBKP1 (windows) as on the GUI you are using SRVNETBKP2.local.lab?

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Ok Mohamed, Tomorrow i try to do it and post the results here.


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Add ip's with fully qualified domain name in both the servers host files and then verify the connectivity.

I think you have one linux and one windows master server . Why you are trying to connect windows server as media server . please confirm