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Ready, No Idle Devices Are Available

Created: 28 May 2010 | 4 comments

I am running BUE 10d (fully patched) on a box running Windows Server 2003 SE. It is attached to a Quantum PX500. No changes have been made to the server\tape drive (other than applying monthly MS patches) in the last several months. The Quantum has 2 tape drives and thus can have 2 backup jobs running at the same time. In the past it would run two jobs at the same time and the other jobs would just go into a queued status when it was time for them to kick off, if both tapes drives were still in use running other jobs. However, this no longer don't go into a queued status if they have to wait for other jobs to finish - they simply go to a "Ready, No Idle Devices Are Available". No changes have been made to the BUE jobs, no idea why it is doing this or what is causing this.

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Ready, No Idle Devices Are Available means backup exec is not able to communicate with the tape drive.
1  : Check if the drives are listed in the device manager and backup exec.

We need to perform Power cycle on the network
1  : Turn OFF the server and the library
2  : Disconnect the library and turn ON the server
3  : Turn OFF the server and connect the library
4  : Turn ON the library and let it boot
5  : Turn ON the server and check the device manager for the drives

Make sure to use symantec drivers for the drives and unknown medium changer for the changer drivers

Hope this helps....

Its a best practice to have a "Support Contract" with Symantec...

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Hi there,

Can you see the robotics and BOTH drives in Windows? If not, Windows won't see the 2nd drive.
Best bet in this case is to go into Windows Device Manager, and rescan for new hardware. Once done, restart your BE services and make sure that the drives are shown.
Run 2 small jobs and see if this has resolved things.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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The solution to this problem (at least in version 10d) if you verified you really do have space available and the device is accessible in Device Manager AND the software is working properly is to PAUSE the device, and then UNPAUSE the device. Like someone would really know to try this fix, much less that it would work - but it does!

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Have you checked if you Library Extension Option (LEO) license is still entered in the Media Server?

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